230 steps

As a performance artist, whose primary material when creating work is my own body, the “from scratch” theme organizing the collective of artists I am currently in residence with, is both generous and challenging.

The building we have come to is in progress, still forming around us, raw, unfinished.  Its own materiality, its architectural body undergoes constant transformation, pieces are ripped from its connective tissues and repurposed in ways that echo the creative veins pulsing throughout its many ripe spaces.

For my first piece, I have decided to walk a narrow strip of wall that rests on the perimeter of our space.  At my normal walking pace, the wall is 230 strides.

For my first attempt at this work, I have given myself the following conditions:

I will not have a timer with me as I am interested in the way my body holds time for the duration of the piece.

I will not speak.

I will not eat or sleep or sit down.

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