Calling all Nasty Women!


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Feb 9 – March 8, 2017

San Francisco, CA

Twilight. San Francisco. A woman stands on a thin sheet of plywood. She wears a long blue-collared shirt and her legs are bare. You lock eyes with her, uncertain why she stands so still, her gaze unwavering. With time, you notice drops of blood forming small pools on the plywood. “Resist,” she whispers. “Resist.”

Sloughing is a durational performance, a social intervention, and a collective action. For 28 consecutive days, nasty women will menstruate onto plywood boards in order to counter the Trump Administration’s attempts to shame and silence us. ALL Women, Menstruating Gentlemen, Non-binary Bleeders, and Menopausal Madams & Gents deserve quality healthcare. Sloughing highlights our ability to sustain, endure, and support one another as we claim space for everyday acts of resistance.

We EMPOWER ourselves by sloughing. We LIVE our politics and TRUST in the collective body. We RESIST the notion that we will be contained, silenced, or absorbed. We CELEBRATE our collective nastiness.

Sloughing is part of 100 Days Action, a counter-narrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan.