If You Stay Then I Can’t Go, Berlin nGbK

16729263_1291767764192392_5994413077550046461_n.jpgIs time-bending possible?

Breathe in and breathe out, join us for the tour 1,7×1,7 and have a glass of secco with us to contemplate on time while posing downward facing Balz*. Listen to our non-stop performative bragging about our project Flugstimm_ung & Druck_Abfall: If You Stay Then I Can’t Go that we would like to realize in the year 2018 at nGbK.

Wanna hear more about the Radio Active Press Release and how we imagine rebuilding the Anatomisches Theater in the space of nGbK for performances, lectures and mentalphysico work-out? We could also start flirting and talk about possible collaborations around the publication machine!

After the tours, there will be talks and book launches organized by nGbK.
Tours on Tuesday, February 21 — 18h
Tours on Thursday, February 23 — 18h

The 1,7 x 1,7 x If You Stay Then I Can’t Go x Tours will be done by the applied project group: Göksu Kunak, Maya Indira Ganesh, Desiree Förster, Raegan Truax, Joël Verwimp & Teena Lange. *The artist Balz Isler might be present. The Tours can be done in English, German, Turkish, French, Swiss, Hindi, Dutch…