Still from video taken by Francisco Petrucci, edited by Tanja Knaus.

Access Exit II/X was performed August 1, 2014 for 3-hours by Knaus in Berlin at Two concrete Cadillacs in form of the naked Maja by Wolf Vostell (1987).

“”…the struggle for historical memory is the struggle for a sense of ourselves in history. It is now, in this moment of growing danger, that it is so crucial to consider new forms of monumentality. To remember means to struggle”(paraphrased from Face to Face with the Monument by Chto Delat).
…I am thinking about the laying of the subject’s body at the foot of a monument – of the moment prior to ‘activating’ the object as submission to the weight of historical fact. This differs depending on whether the monument is upright, heroic or horizontal, grieving.”
Access Exit Performance Response by researcher Alex Head.