this is the moment i left carried in my body in ten parts

In this is the moment i left carried in my body in ten parts, I create a performance environment out of flesh like materials in a theatre or gallery space and perform inside this environment for a live audience.  The performance attempts to suspend one moment of leaving by isolating ten body parts, and working with each in duration.  I only leave the performance environment with and through the participation or intervention of the live audience.



20120731-190407.jpg Interested in the residues and traces created by my live performance work, I created an Artist book of the same title.  Edition 1 contains residue from a seven-hour and five minute performance that took place in Prosser Black Box at Stanford University on February 27, 2012. I weighed one hundred forty nine pounds at the time of this performance and was five feet nine and three quarter inches tall. The material used to create the performance environment became the pages within the book. The book “text” is the marks of my body, the bodies of spectators to the performance, and the residues from performance materials as well as the theatre at the time of performance. An invitation to readers of the book found on written pages marks the new residues that will accumulate in and on each page as readers engage with the book and traces from the live performance deteriorate over time.


Artist book on display in Stanford’s library of Art and Architecture