if this gets messy

if this gets messy was a weeklong durational work investigating repetition and non-progressive movement.  It culminated in a consecutive 28-hour performance during which I moved six, one-hour site-based movement scores into a proscenium theatre to be repeated for the 28-hour duration. A seventh score was created for the theatre as its own environment and added to the body of work within the final 28-hour performance.  Once I stepped onto the staged environment on April 29th at 3pm I did not step out of its boundary until April 30th at 7pm.  I did not eat or drink and had no clock with me on stage. 

Click here to listen to my radio interview with 90.1FM one month after the performance.  


In the video below, choreographer Ann Carlson and Sculptor Terry Berlier respond to if this gets messy and talk with me immediately after the conclusion of the work.

if this gets messy frontback

Site-Based Performance Schedule – Click on the Date of the Performance for Location and Directions.  All site-based performances are 60 minutes.  You may come and go as you please.  *Times and locations may change so please check back on the day of the performance.

April 23 at 10am – Score #1, Arastredero           April 24 at 6pm – Score #2, Still Labor  April 25 at 10am – Score #3, Vibration       April 26 at 12:30pm – Score #4, Half Moon    April 27 at 10am – Score #5, Bernal Heights      April 28 at 10am – Score #6, Oval

*Score #6, Original Concept by Samara Davis

April 29th at 3pm, 28-hour Performance begins in Pigott Theatre – Click here for directions 

April 30th at 7pm, Talkback in Pigott Theatre with the artist and respondents Choreographer Ann Carlson and Interdisciplinary Artist Terry Berlier

If This Gets Messy Production Team: Performance Monitors: Dante Bellteti, Kellen Hoxworth, Brendon Martin, Angrette McCloskey, Sydney Skelton Misbehaving Bodies:  Rebecca Orminston, Ryan Tacata, Kiyan Williams  Videographers: Sarah Berkovich, Elizabeth Kohnke and Christian Gainsley  Sound: Derek Phillips  Lighting: Angrette McCloskey  Photography: Eleanor Oakes  Stanford Production: Daniel Cadigan, Kenny McMullen, Paul Strayer, Eric Sunderman, Ross Williams.  Special thanks to Helen Paris for her unwavering support.