Exchange provokes an intimate encounter between performer and spectator. Using breath as a material, the performance accumulates a series of ephemeral residues that transform both the space of performance and my physical body in the 10+ hour performance.

Photograph by Jamie Lyons

The first time I performed Exchange, 161 exchanges occurred over the 10 hour 14 minute performance on December 7, 2012 in Cummings Art Lobby at Stanford University. Once I crossed into the threshold of the performance space I did not leave its perimeter, sit down, or speak for the duration of the performance.  

A sound installation was created simultaneously with the live performance by sound artist Derek Phillips. Phillips captured sounds of the body, the sculpture, and the space over the ten+ hour duration and played these sounds back into the performance space in the live moment. All sound in the documentation is from the live performance.

Exchange was performed a second time on June 29, 2013 for Performance Studies International.  232 exchanges occurred in the second iteration, which lasted just over ten hours and fourteen minutes.

Click here to read a response to the June 29th performance, written by Performance scholar Rebecca Orminston.

December 7, 2012 Production Team: Brendon Martin, Rebecca Orminston, Ryan Tacata, Angrette McCloskey, and Ashley Hill with Videography by So-Rim Lee and Lighting by Angrette McCloskey.  June 29, 2013 Production Team: Brendon Martin. Exchange Performance Score and Sculpture by Raegan Truax with input from Sophia Cleary, Terry Berlier, and Dan Tiffany.  Sound by Derek Phillips.  Special thanks to Rory Brown, Liz Celeste, Elizabeth Kohnke, and everyone named above.