this is not my memory


this is not my memory took place on June 28, 2014 at gruentaler9 in Berlin. The duration was six hours, from 2pm until 8pm. It was part of UNGEBÜGELT I/III – THE WEDDING BANG THEORY curated by Ayse Erek, Marcio Cavalho and Teena Lange with support from Bezirkskulturfonds 2014 of the Bezirksamt Mitte.

Challenged by the curators to create a site-specific performance in just 9 days, this is not my memory extended the performance space gruentaler9 to Gruentalerstraße.  Engaging fleeting points of contact and activating the “street body” as terrain (territory, time, taste, touch, tempo, trace), the work explores “site” and “memory” as unfixed and enduring “maps” that take on meaning through human interaction.

UNGEBÜGELT I is the first of a three-part series between rotating curators and artists to take place at gruentaler9.  To read more about this project and the curators and artists involved click here.


Photographs by Teena Lange