Invited to Kickoff Stanford’s New Performance Studies Lecture Series

Please join us Wednesday, 10 October at 7pm in Prosser Theater for “Feeling Differently,” a roundtable with Carlos Motta, Sianne Ngai, Nomy Lamm, and Raegan Truax.  “Feeling Differently” is the first event in a… Continue reading

New Video Up

Just added short section of duet #14 under Choreographic Scores. Click here to view

Work in Progress Showing sept. 6

how high/how wide work in progress performance by raegan truax Sept. 6 ZK/U 7pm dinner, BYOB and some to share 8:30ish performance followed by discussion New York based visual artist Nancy Woods will… Continue reading

230 Steps – Candid Photographs

Read more about 230 steps by clicking here     Photo Credits: Nancy Woods, Christina La Sala, Rafael Guendelman Hales, Tanja Knaus, Carol Anne McChrystal

230 steps- ephemera, residue, (im)prints [2]

foot full of blood, ankle bruised and yellow – 8.14 8:39pm clots of blood surface, right leg – 8.15 9:23am

230 Steps – First Picture


230 steps – ephemera, residue, (im)prints [1]

standing still in my studio beneath unmoving feet she emerges back bent and broken like mine she twists and writhes her ribs rubbing and scraping the rise and fall of each breath I… Continue reading

230 Steps….with thanks

I walked the wall for 18 hours and 51 minutes. A picture was taken every five minutes from a camera positioned on the ZKU rooftop. I am doing well, coming out of silence… Continue reading

230 Steps: Just over 9 hours away

Final Preparations Photo: Rafael Guendelman Hales

230 steps – Starts Monday 8.13 at 3am

Narrow Wider Edges

230 steps

As a performance artist, whose primary material when creating work is my own body, the “from scratch” theme organizing the collective of artists I am currently in residence with, is both generous and challenging. The… Continue reading

Studio 2

My live/work space for the next 6 weeks. Beginning and Becoming at ZKU Berlin – Being the first artist to inhabit a space and work creatively in it is such a gift


Thinking about my fellow artists in residence, Kat Henry, Will McBride, and Penny Harpham from Australia who began their project “Deliverance” yesterday at Berlin art space Platoon Kunsthalle.  You can check out what… Continue reading

Scratch 1

Hail like dull glass pelts skin turning pink sky penetrates door Threshold broken, cleansed one rainwater concrete two feet three fingers


Arrival…Stoop beginnings in Berlin